Sunshine - Hair, Body & Linen Mist (150ml)

27.000 KD

Brand Khaltat

Creator's Inspiration

Let it be your Sunshine and only Sunshine.

Love brings the Sunshine into your life, let this fragrance be the key to your radiant smiles! You loved it so much that we brought it back in all its splendor, Sunshine is now so much more than a mist: linen, hair, body – to fulfill all the needs of your scented routine, Sunshine will bring happy love moments into your life. The Vanilla and Patchouli gourmand note topped by yummy cotton candy makes this scent the sweetest encounter of the year.

Personality: Fresh

Fragrance Note: Cotton Candy, Vanilla, Patchouli

Key Details: Multifunctional, 150ml, by Khaltat

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