تم نفاذ الكمية

Everdeep Barari (50ml)

105.000 KD

العلامة التجارية Hind Al Oud

تم نفاذ الكمية

The magnetic addiction of Everdeep Barari meets a captivating rainy earthy patchouli, and deeper addictive Smokey Liquourous Oud ,
Ash note makes you irresistibly attracted.

"The forever depth of the deep"

What is deeper than the sand in the desert? What is greener than an oasis among the dunes?

Everdeep has a sense of eternity, forever green and forever existing.

We all feel gravity, we all have been to the desert. All we see is sand, and yet, deeper than sand is the earth with its magnetic field that attracts us and bonds us together.


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