عود اند شي ١٥٠ غم - ٣٠ مل

28.000 KD

العلامة التجارية Anfasic Dokhoon
"The best of Oud"
Oriental & sweet
Shay means Wow in Emirati Arabic and this scent is the best of Oud, a beautiful combination of scents and flavors that will leave you saying “Wow!” With an ethereal note of Luban to start, and a warm honey heart, Oud & Shay finishes on the warm, precious note of a signature blend of Agarwoods.
Uniquely designed, exquisite incense, a loving gift to our customers: ‘From our passion to your Heart.’ The 150g Incense includes a 30 ml concentrated Body Spray Perfume matching the fragrance.


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